13 Common Questions About Digital Signage

According to Grand View Research, the US market value for digital signage was $5.3 billion in 2021. That means industry players aside, it’s not a well-known entity. Naturally, there are a few questions from curious onlookers who do not know the power of digital signage. Unknown to most, 80% of the firms that use digital signage record up to a 33% increase in sales. To learn more about the technology, this guide addresses some of the common questions about digital signage.

Top 13 Recurrent Digital Signage FAQs

1. What is Digital Signage?

It refers to electronic displays that look like TVs, used to exhibit targeted messaging in an immersive and captivating way.

Digital signage utilizes LCDs or video walls to present eye-catching content such as text, animations, videos, or social media pages.

2. What’s the Point of Digital Signage?

Since it displays engaging content, most businesses use it to showcase digital marketing material. Digital signage has gained traction to entertain, inform, and communicate with customers.

For instance, you can use it to display new products, prices of goods, real-time alerts, and social media threads. In short, you use digital signage to enhance the customer experience.

3. Is Digital Signage the Right Solution for My Company?

Whatever your industry, odds are there’s a digital signage system tailored to your needs. Whether in hospitality, retail, manufacturing, or operating a restaurant, corporate office, or healthcare facility, digital signage can come in handy. That also means there’s a solution whatever your budget.

4. Where Can I Use Digital Signage?

The beauty of digital signage is that it’s so versatile that only your imagination limits how you use it. Businesses have found multiple use cases for digital signage, including menu boards, wayfinding, memos, and flight information displays.

5. What are the Benefits of Digital Signage?

This is probably the easiest as far as common questions about digital signage go. There are easily a million benefits of digital signage, such as:

  • Delivers content visually, which has a recall rate of 65%.
  • Vivid way to display content
  • Dynamic so you can display endless content, unlike traditional marketing means such as billboards which only show one type of material.

6. How Do I Get Started?

For a complete digital signage system, you need three essential components to get started: display(s), content, and digital signage software. The screen will show the curated content you played through the software in the content management system. Ensure the content format is compatible with the software.

7. What Type of Hardware Do I Need?

Apart from the displays, you will need mounting brackets for the screens and media player, which could house a Microsoft, Android, Chrome OS, or other compatible operating systems.

Moreover, you need a signage network for interconnectivity of displays and HDMI cables for high-quality digital output.

8. Can I Use my Existing Screens as Digital Signs?

You can use digital signage on any digital screen that can connect to a computer. So yes, if your existing screen is compatible with a computer, you can use it as a digital signage display.

9. Who Changes the Content?

Use the signage software to create a playlist, playback, and change the digital signage content on display. All you need is a username and password, and you’re good to go. You can even change the content from another location if it has an internet connection.

10. What are the Different Types of Digital Signage?

There’s a wide array of digital signage that you will see when you are up and about. Some of the more popular ones include:

  • Video walls
  • Digital menu boards
  • Interactive digital signage kiosks
  • Free-standing advertising display
  • Digital posters

11. How Do I Deploy Digital Signage?

Follow these steps for flawless execution:

  1. Establish what you want to achieve with the digital signage
  2. Build content design and strategy
  3. Site survey to establish set up of the displays
  4. Determine who will manage and maintain the system
  5. Choose software with comprehensive features and product support

Choose a solution with an internet connection that will permit upgrades for increased functionality and integration.

12. What Sort of Content will Capture the Attention of a Digital Signage Audience?

Catchy content is always a winner. Create entertaining content, provide helpful information, or have an exciting story, and you’ll have a winner on your hands.

Additionally, you can use the ready-made templates or download material from web pages to create the content.

Here’s a hot tip: A Sprout Social survey found that 85% of users prefer it when brands use videos.

13. Why Should I Use A Digital Signage Provider?

Digital Signage Providers have a full-service digital signage system, so you only need to make one stop. You will find a cloud-based media player with no contracts or subscriptions.