12 Helpful Tips To Effective Custom Boxes For Business

Customizing your boxes can be a great way to advertise your product as well as create an experience for the customer receiving it. Unboxing videos are now all the rage on social media, so if your customized box gets featured in an online video, your online presence would skyrocket.

Of course, this means that you have to have a worthwhile box in the first place. Read on for some tips on designing and ordering custom boxes for your business:

  • Pay attention to the packaging as well as what you’re delivering. If it needs extra protection or padding, think of a way to work with this demand first. Only then should you go on to think about logos, designs, and add-ons.
  • Don’t hold back on investing in customized packaging and custom boxes for business packaging and products. They are an investment and may be counted as part of your marketing strategy.
  • The box in question should be the beginning of the experience, not all of it. Make the customer excited about opening it as soon as they receive it. This is likely to make them want to get their phones out and start making an unboxing video.
  • Think about the nitty gritty details, even the tissue paper lining your custom boxes. Using the tissue paper regardless of whether it’s needed or not is a good idea. It creates a feeling of mystery and adds to the pleasure of unwrapping. If it’s customized with the color and logo representing your brand, it’s a further form of advertisement.
  • Consider using packing peanuts, Styrofoam, and air padding instead of bubble wrap. This would be in the interest of preserving your product and making the unboxing feel like a luxury practice. Bubble wrap is a good choice for protection but doesn’t do much for the presentation.
  • A label can make the plainest of boxes pop with their splash of color or elegant touch. You can use it to seal the tissue paper or the box itself.
  • Always include a promotional brochure, pamphlet, voucher, or business card. Even if it’s just lying around, it would ensure that people remember your brand and know how to contact you for repeat purchases.
  • A ribbon may also be a customized part of your box and give it a unique touch. It would further add to the brand awareness and appreciation.
  • In the initial days of your startup, a personal touch like a handwritten note is greatly appreciated by the customer. It’s a little extra attention that makes customers want to place orders multiple times.
  • Think about a tiny complimentary gift or reward placed in with the ordered item. That little touch can give a customer unexpected pleasure, which creates several positive vibes about your brand.
  • Introduce your new and upcoming products/services in the box you send. This is a way to market directly to your already-interested audience. A free sample is also a great way to manage a gift as well as advertising at the same time.
  • Make your box stand out with unique colors. However, it is true that customized boxes get stolen in the mail more often than generic ones. To avoid this problem, you may want to place your custom box inside a slightly larger regular corrugated cardboard box. This would allow you to retain all the benefits of customized boxing.


While customized boxes are obviously more expensive than generic ones, they are a worthy investment. A properly attractive box is part of a modern and very effective advertising strategy. So don’t miss out on applying these tips to your business as soon as possible.