10 Prius Years To Avoid, And 4 That Could Save Your Car Dealer’s Life

If you’ve never seen or driven a Toyota Prius, the car may seem like an odd novelty. But its reputation is far from being just a marketing gimmick. The Toyota Prius has been called “the green-car leader” and “an icon of sustainability.” Not only did it inspire other automakers to jump into the hybrid market, but it also changed how people view fuel efficiency and how they buy cars.

Consumerism is a high-risk industry. This article provides insight into why auto dealers are at risk of dying out, and the steps that you can take to ensure your car dealer is still alive in 10 prius years.

What to Look for When Buying a Used Car

When you’re looking to buy a new or used car, here are a few things to keep in mind.

prius years to avoid, make sure the car you’re considering is reliable. There’s no point in spending money on something that won’t last.

Second, be sure to get a CARFAX report. This will list any accidents or issues the car has had in the past. If there are any problems with the car, you’ll want to know about them before making a purchase.

And finally, don’t forget to check out online reviews of the car before buying it. You can usually find these ratings on websites like Edmunds or Yelp. This information can help you decide if the car is worth your investment.

When you’re shopping for a used car, there are a few things to look out for. Here are the top four:

  1. Make sure the car has been well-maintained. A well-maintained car will have low mileage and no major mechanical problems.
  2. Compare prices carefully. Don’t overpay for a used car just because it’s a good deal on the surface. Compare prices from several dealerships, and try to get an estimate of what the car is really worth.
  3. Be wary of cars that have been in accidents or that have been in hot weather conditions frequently. These cars may not be worth your time or money, even if they seem like great deals at first glance.
  4. Check the history of the car before you buy it. Car dealerships sometimes use shady tactics to get customers to buy cars they don’t actually want or need. Ask around and see if anyone you know has ever bought a car from this particular dealership before you make your decision

Four Things You Can Do to Make Your Used Car Last Longer

  1. Avoid driving your car hard – Driving your car hard can lead to accelerated wear and tear on the engine, transmission, and other mechanical parts. This will shorten the life of your car dramatically.
  2. Take care of the inside and outside of your car – Keep the inside of your car clean and free from debris. This will help keep your engine running smoothly and avoid costly repairs down the road.
  3. Get regular oil changes – A regular oil change will keep your engine running smoothly and prevent it from seizing up due to built-up clogs in the oil passages.
  4. Use a quality aftermarket warranty – Purchasing an aftermarket warranty can give you peace of mind in knowing that if something goes wrong with your used car, you’re covered by a reputable company.
  5. Regularly check your oil and filter. A car that has been well-maintained will run more efficiently, which will extend the life of your engine.
  6. Use only recommended car care products. Many car care products are harsh and can wear down your car’s components over time.
  7. Avoid driving in severe weather conditions. Driving in icy or snow-covered roads can cause your car to lose traction, which can lead to disaster.
  8. Take care of your vehicle when it’s not being driven. If you have to leave your car parked for an extended period of time, make sure it is locked up and away from children or animals who could damage it accidentally.

Four Things To Avoid If You Want Your Car Dealer To Keep On Living

If you’re thinking of buying a new car, there are some things you should avoid if you want your dealer to keep on living. Here are four things to watch out for:

  1. Don’t go over your budget – Car dealers like to get as much money from you as possible, so stick to your budget and don’t let them sweet talk you into spending more than you can afford.
  2. Don’t buy a used car – Used cars are usually not in the best condition, and they may not last as long as newer cars. If you’re looking for a used car, make sure to get one that’s been inspected and has warranty coverage.
  3. Avoid signing up for any kind of extended warranty – Car dealers love to sell these warranties because they make money off of the extra fees that come with them. Unless you absolutely need one, avoid signing up for an extended warranty just to save your dealer from making a profit from it.
  4. Get your car registered and inspected – This is especially important if you’re planning on keeping your car longer than a few years. Not registering or inspecting your car will likely lead to costly repairs down the road.
  5. Don’t be a high-maintenance car buyer
    Keep in mind that dealerships make their money off of servicing and fixing cars, not selling them. If you’re a high-maintenance car buyer, your dealer may have to spend more time and resources on servicing your car than selling it. This could lead to the dealer losing money and eventually going out of business.
  6. Avoid leasing or buying a used car
    Leasing or buying a used car can be a risky proposition for the dealer. If you don’t have the money upfront to buy the car, the dealer may have to finance the purchase which can add up over time (interest rates are often higher on these types of loans). Plus, if you need to sell the car in less than 3 years, the dealership may not be able to resell it as is – it’ll likely need to be “certified” as being in good condition.
  7. Don’t overpay for your new car
    It’s easy to get wrapped up in all of the excitement of picking out your new car and end up overpaying for it. Dealerships make their money off of sales prices, so don’t let yourself get taken advantage of by haggling too much or trying to negotiate a lower price before you sign any paperwork (this goes for both new and pre-owned cars). And remember: never pay more than what‘s listed on the sticker!
  8. Don’t go without


It’s no secret that the Prius has been around for a long time, and like any other car model it has its pros and cons. However, if you’re thinking of buying one soon, there are some things you should keep in mind. Here are ten years to avoid when purchasing a Prius, and four that could save your dealer’s life:
2010-2020: Avoid Buying A New Prius If You Can Help It
2009-2018: Stick To The Older Models If Possible
2007-2017: Hold Out For The All-New 2020 Model

It’s no secret that the Prius has been a hit with consumers for many years now. But like anything else, there are risks and rewards to taking on this type of vehicle. In this article, we discuss 10 years to avoid if you want to keep your Prius in pristine condition, and 4 years where doing so could potentially save your car dealer’s life. Happy shopping!