10 Best Online Resources for WordPress Developers


Millions of individuals utilize the well-liked content management system WordPress worldwide. Knowing how to build WordPress websites is a talent in high demand due to its popularity, particularly whether you’re searching for a side gig or creating your website.

You’ve come to the perfect place if you’re a developer who wants to learn more about WordPress or seeking WordPress software to help you create better websites!


A website called FreeCodeCamp provides free coding lessons for many computer languages. The course has several portions, each containing a video explanation and activities. This resource is fantastic for people who like to study more practically and at their own pace.

The principles and techniques taught via the course may be used for any WordPress development company in Australia project, even if this website isn’t expressly designed for WordPress developers or considered WordPress software.


YouTube is an often underutilized tool for WordPress development companies in Australia. YouTube is home to many helpful content producers that provide free lessons and insights on several topics, including WordPress development, WordPress Projects, and more. This is true even if there are many kitten videos and unboxing channels.

One of the most well-known channels is WPCrafter, which provides thorough WordPress lessons for beginners and professionals. WPBeginner is another excellent channel that provides brief courses ideal for individuals looking to acquire one or two specialized skills.

OS Education

A website called OS Training instructs WordPress specialists in proper website design. In addition to books and e-books, they also provide video courses, certification programs, and other resources.

This resource’s free trial allows you to test its offerings before making a purchase, which is one of its beautiful features.


Another website that provides a range of information for web designers, developers, and marketers is SitePoint. WP developers may find many materials on their website, like tutorials, lengthy articles, and even a course on WordPress development.

Visitors may anticipate learning anything from how to make a colour scheme for your design system and write effective Javascript code to how to build their VPN server.

Smashing Magazine

Among web designers and developers, Smashing Magazine is a well-liked website. They provide a wide range of materials, like articles, e-books, and courses that concentrate on particular WordPress development subjects.

They provide a lot of free stuff that is excellent for WordPress specialists, including coding, WordPress Codex, utilizing PHP with WordPress, constructing blocks, and using JavaScript for a WordPress development company in Australia, even though part of it is behind a paywall.

Schools W3

W3 Schools is a dependable source of information for developers interested in studying advanced coding techniques. This online learning resource’s tutorials are free, attractive, clearly written, and interactive, which keeps students’ attention.

The students can review each idea and take the test to see how much they have learnt. They can study WordPress development, which involves understanding server-side programming languages like Python and PHP and other languages like HTML, CSS, Javascript, etc.

WordPress Advanced Channels

Web developers from all around the world join together in this online community to exchange ideas and solve challenging challenges. It primarily concentrates on advanced CMS knowledge. Unlike other forums, it focuses on developers who wish to improve their coding abilities. It covers a wide range of subjects, including PHP, JavaScript, Rest-API, WP CLI, and the creation of plugins and themes.


Over 130,000 courses are available on the online learning portal Udemy, which covers everything from design to programming. Additionally, they provide a few WordPress courses that are excellent for novices, such as the Create A Website Step By Step Course and the WordPress For Beginners Course.

Learning on LinkedIn

LinkedIn Learning, formerly Lynda.com, provides a vast selection of courses on many subjects, including WordPress. The WordPress Essential Training Course and Building, A Small Business Website with WordPress Course are two excellent starter WordPress courses.

Know The Code

WordPress developers of all skill levels may find materials on the website Know the Code. In addition to courses, code references, WordPress plugins, and developer tools, they provide a plethora of content on their website.

This material is fantastic for WordPress experts who want to deepen their understanding or discover more about development tools.

While WordPress offers a simple content management system coupled with straightforward plugins, there comes a time when you might need to hire WordPress developers.

I’m talking about those occasions when you realize that you’ve hit a wall, and could use some help from a specialized WordPress expert.

Now that’s precisely where we come in. As a site that specializes in WordPress resources, we’ve taken the time to research what’s out there in the world of popular WordPress job marketplaces. We’ll be walking through nine websites that have proven to be the best places to hire WordPress developers.

Codeable touts itself as the “only WordPress freelancer platform“.

But, make no mistake about it. While it’s a freelancing platform for WordPress developers alright, it’s not open to just any WordPress developer. What I mean is, Codeable does really take its time to choose the best of the best. Only the few who successfully make it through its strict vetting process are hired as WordPress developers.

And speaking of which, it’s worth noting that although Codeable is very exclusive, it doesn’t cost much to hire its WordPress developers. You can expect to pay about $70 – $120 per hour for both short-term and long-term projects.

The hiring process itself is pretty straightforward. You just need to tell Codeable what you need, and it’ll link you up with qualified WordPress coders.

Unlike Codeable, Toptal is a freelance platform for all sorts of professionals. Apart from WordPress developers, you’ll find designers, software programmers, project managers, etc.

The one thing it shares with Codeable is, picking only the very best in the fields. As it turns out, Toptal typically accepts less than 3% of the more than 100,000 applications it receives every year.


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