10 Awesome Content Ideas for Promoting Your Business on Facebook

Social media is the brick-and-mortar of any small business nowadays.  There are numerous media channel options available to promote your business effectively. With the increasing trend of social media, more and more businesses are investing their time, money, and effort into content marketing. These days, businesses focus on engrossing content, which is the cornerstone of any comprehensive marketing strategy.  It is also important to choose the right media platform, the trending ones being Facebook, Twitter, Snapchat, YouTube, and LinkedIn.

To leverage the most popular social media platform – Facebook, it is important to target its opportunities by posting content regularly and consistently. However, due to the increasing competition in social media, creating exceptional content for Facebook promotion is not that easy. Business owners may sometimes feel stuck and not know exactly what to post to keep their followers engaged.

So, here are some of the content ideas that you can incorporate into your business:

Highlight with Photos or Videos

With Facebook being in trend for photos and videos, posting details of your products or services with the help of photos and videos is the easiest. This will help users get a clear view or idea of your products or services. To attract the viewers and motivate them posting photos of other buyers using your products on your Facebook business page is a great idea. In the case of a service, images of people receiving the service from your business can be uploaded For example, if you are a pet salon owner, you can post an image while trimming the pets’ nails.

Hashtags or Visual Quotes

Using Hashtags on Facebook is a common practice these days. Hashtags are not only trendy but also convey your message in short forms.  Sometimes, even without using visuals, your quotes can stand out with the help of specific hashtags. Being consistent is also important, so be sure to use a style and format that conveys your brand image and thereby reaches a large audience. You can use hashtags with all the photos posted on your Facebook page to make them more attractive. Even when you start chatting with a prospective buyer you may reply with the chat hashtags on their comments. Get more information about best marketing company in kolkata.

Host Q&A Sessions

Social media not only enables you to connect to your users but also educates them on your products and services. You can educate your followers about your products or services by organizing interesting Question and Answer sessions where the participants can ask any questions. By utilizing this effective content idea, you can build trust among your followers by showing transparency. You can also refer to this type of session as “Ask me anything” or AMA. Besides this, whenever a follower asks you a question, you can just create stories mentioning the questions and reply to the comments in real time in the Facebook stories.

Use Backstage Photos

To give an edge to your business, you can start featuring your team. You can share stories of how they started working with you, what is their role in your team, and also share interesting facts about your team. With this type of content, you will build trust among your users that you are connected with them on a personal level. This way customers will easily relate to your brand as they know the people they are dealing with and will be more confident about the brand. You can also put your loyal customers in the spotlight to gain more followers.

Organize Contests

Another exciting approach to draw the attention of your users is by organizing contests. You can plan your contests as desired but while hosting a contest also keep in mind the rules and regulations set by the social media platform you are using. Also, organize contests wherein users not only see their benefit but also get information about the product or service offered by you. For an additional level of promotion on Facebook, you can ask the participants to tag a friend or share a post about your products or services. 

Helpful Links, Advice, or Opinion

Social media is not only one of the quickest ways to respond to users’ queries but also a medium wherein you can reach your audience actively. When answering inquiries and comments please make sure to also provide solutions, tips as well as advice. Users should be able to find links on your platform that are helpful in their day-to-day activities. Advice or opinion on a particular topic can also prove beneficial. For example, tips for working moms to take care of their babies like nursing them can be helpful. You can make your opinion matter by sharing it on Facebook. This will help you conversate with your customers.

Sweepstakes or Giveaways

Giveaways are a great way to motivate or engage your followers. It can be something as simple as offering branded sunglasses or a simple t-shirt as a winning prize for a contest. Getting a giveaway prize certainly makes an impact on the user, after all, who doesn’t love free stuff? We all love right? Suppose you have launched a new product that you want to promote, just give it away as a promotional gift to the participants and see the magic. This will not keep the followers involved and boost their excitement. This content idea for promoting your small business on Facebook will work best when a large number of people participate in your contests.

Interlink with Landing Pages

While posting blog posts through Facebook, you can easily link them up with the related pages in your blog and website. To be specific at first you need to analyze the landing pages on your official website according to the intent of a specific page link those with your Facebook page links or vice versa. For example, you need to know the reason why a particular customer visited your page. What kind of service can you provide them? Using this idea, you can personalize your landing pages and thus identify your potential leads easily.

Create a Poll

Another interactive means to engage your readers on your page is through polls. It not only creates a great level of engagement but also initiates a lot of shares on the social media platform. You may try to put at least one poll per week into your feeds. This is a fun way wherein not only do you interact with your customers but also customers interact with each other.

Client Testimonials and Feedback

Client reviews on a product/service matter a lot for its growth or decline. When a client leaves a positive review for your business, you can share that as your social media post. Online reviews about brands are said to be the second most trusted source of information. Whenever a customer is confused about a product or service, they would first reach social media and check the customer reviews. So, highlighting your best reviews is the most effective way to build consumer trust. You can also share client testimonials to further enhance the feedback.

There’s no end to content ideas that you can use for your social media accounts. Using content ideas from the above, you can easily reach targeted customers on your social platform. While creating content on social media do include a call-to-action plan so that people know how to contact you for their services. In case of any more help with Facebook marketing ideas, please feel free to reach us.