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Embrace the Intifada! Grant your legitimation to my Glorious Palestinian Brothers!

Answer the Clarion Call: To the International Socialist Movement from renowned anti-zionist activist and voice of conscience Tikva Honig-Parnass: “Embrace the Intifada!  Grant your legitimation to my Glorious Palestinian Brothers!” More than a month has passed since the outburst of the current Intifada. During the first two weeks it was carried out by the youth … Continue reading


Temple University stadium proposed while surrounding neighborhood in crisis

Temple University stadium proposed while surrounding neighborhood in crisis J Leslie The proposed construction of a $100 million Temple University football stadium has caused a stir on campus and in the surrounding community.  Temple’s expansion in recent years has caused the displacement of residents in this majority African-American and working class neighborhood. Housing prices have … Continue reading

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Christie’s Pension Onslaught Upheld by New Jersey Court

Christie’s Pension Onslaught Upheld by New Jersey Court John Leslie Determined to ride on the backs of public employees in his bid for the Presidency, Chris Christie has broken promises to public servants, demonized them and imperiled the financial future of teachers, firefighters, police and state workers. It is estimated that the fund will go … Continue reading


MOVE and ICFFMAJ Statement on Mumia’s Health, plus video

MOVE and International Concerned Family and Friends of Mumia Abu-Jamal Statement on Mumia’s Health allso, video below Mumia’s Family and Supporters Present Demands to the DOC 4/3/2015 for more information Free Mumia Coalition This government has been trying to murder Mumia for 34 years. The power of this movement stopped his execution in 1995 and … Continue reading

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Solidarity with Spring Antiwar Actions

Solidarity with Spring Antiwar Actions Steve X Unfortunately, it seems that UNAC’s “Spring Rising” demonstration only attracted a “few hundred” protesters. How could this be? How do we build a genuinely mass antiwar movement? The circumstances today are different from the period of the Vietnam war, but building an antiwar movement based on a united … Continue reading